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"Experts advise in the selection of sunglasses, do not patronize Dress sorts cheap ray ban australia of stuff, but if the eye color Xuanliang looks nice not to force, sunglasses is definitely not a good choiceBut Dr Driving, skiing, water skiing, can be worn when cycling,

More importantly, the moon Pedy myopia sunglasses in the production process to solve ray bans australia the myopic lens dyeing and high curvature matching sunglasses and other technical problems, truly internally and externallyĦRay-Ban glasses to glass-based, strong shading effect, one hundred percent of all lenses are able to block harmful ultraviolet rays, infrared rays while filtering harmful rays7mm polarized lenses, ray ban sunglasses australia price since the thin lens assembly easily deformed, the purchase should pay special attention

For over 100 years, it has created countless Mingwenxiaer top jewelry, ray ban sunglasses australia cheap and excellent quality, innovative design and high quality service is known, now has become the world's leading luxury brands Because dark glasses will not only make our vision darkened, and make the pupil larger, so that the amount of ultraviolet pupil more of the lens and retina damage range becomes wider, which ray ban sunglasses australia hut tends to induce glaucoma , cataracts뷴

Use for outdoor sports (such as offshore activities, skiing or fishing) is So buy sunglasses, ornament betterʵֻ

But Dr All black suits at first glance somewhat rigid, retro round sunglasses can ray ban sunglasses australia sale make the whole body dress instant merry The way they are "looking to write celebrity celebrity

The actual test: not long wear polarized sunglassesIn order to verify ray ban sunglasses australia a person wearing sunglasses driving rain effects are different, the Southern reporter specifically looking for a rainy day, with three different sunglasses comparison test it From this child with sunglasses it is very necessary!American Academy of Ophthalmology and did not use sunglasses set a minimum age limit, the cheap ray ban australia Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants and young children over six months of compliance wear sunglasses to protect the eye (glasses required to block the 99% -100% of ultraviolet rays)Ray-Ban Ray-Ban Limited Edition book "Legend: dirty little secret," a collection of brand development history of 75 years of 18 ray bans australia rare photos The influence of direct sunlight, and after entering the tunnel driver will feel more dark, with inattention, excessive speed, improper operation and other factors, it is prone to accidents

So, how to choose sunglasses while driving can help to drive safe? Southwest Hospital ray ban sunglasses australia price eye specialist Dai Chao said that the driver in the summer choose sunglasses (sunglasses), in color, choice of material and have a lot of stress These people never forget history, influence and inspire a generation of people in the fashion industry, the film industry, the music industry and the field of ideas, ray ban sunglasses australia cheap and Ray-Ban Ray-Ban has always played in which a subtle influence

Because the color is too light lens filter forWith a small, but the color is too deep will also affect vision    But if more than 600 degrees of high myopia, vision correction already less than ideal, such as matched with a pair of tinted glasses, eyes as dark ray ban sunglasses australia hut layer of fog yarn set on, see things more difficult Follow budding micro-channel input "sun" viewŵĽ

Ա̫ When worn, it should be out of reach eyelashes frameֳ